Product Management Institute
Transform Product Management into Product Performance

Product Management Institute services are for product management organizations that: 

  • Need supplemental “on-demand” product management and marketing expertise (e.g. to support a product launch or reposition products)
  • Are challenged to deliver quality products and product releases on schedule
  • Have product managers that know what to do but struggle to complete critical activities
  • Want to move from enhancing current products to new product innovation
  • Suffer from difficult relationships with product development and sales teams
  • Want to make product decisions that are market driven instead of opportunity or technology driven
Product Marketing

Product Launch

Product Strategy

Product Positioning

Launch Plan Development

External Rollout

Internal Rollout

Analyst and Press Briefings

Sales Channel Preparation

Release Planning

Requirements Definition

Market Validation

Product Management

Process Definition

Roles and Responsibilities

Decision Criteria


Innovation Process

Launch Process


Product Portfolio Management

Market and Product Strategy


Segment Selection

Early Target Buyer Identification

Competitive Strategy

“Whole Product” Definition

Pricing Strategy
Market Analysis

Market Sizing

Market Segmentation

Target Market Identification

Pricing Research and Analysis

Prospect Need Determination

Competitive Analysis

Business Case Development

Product Opportunity Assessment

Awareness Research