Product Management Institute
Transform Product Management into Product Performance
Since founding the Product Management Institute in 1995, Scott Cary has provided services to large and small organizations, public and private companies and business models ranging from large-ticket, direct sales to high volume telesales. The organizations have included education technology, enterprise software, SaaS, telecommunications, information services, professional services and systems integration.
"Scott was instrumental in the simultaneous, successful launch of three new products. In addition, his coaching of the product management team led to a market based approach to product and release planning and significantly improved the focus on individual product financials. The combination of his expertise and energy greatly helped improve the overall performance of our product line."
--VP of Marketing, Landmark Systems

"When our relationship with the development and sales teams was suffering, Scott was able to quickly identify ways for the product managers to focus on the important tasks. Within weeks of implementing his suggestions, our satisfaction ratings with both internal and external customers had significantly improved."
--VP Product Management, AspenTech

"We have a team of smart, talented engineers but we had difficulty communicating the business value of our expertise to our customers. Scott's work with us led to a clearer articulation of value and stronger positioning for our company."
--President and CEO, Blueprint Technologies